Make it Real Free 3D Printing Giveaway - EXTENDED!


Instructables is giving away FREE 3D prints to the first 50 projects to enter the Make It Real Challenge this week that get featured on the site! Simply enter your project into the contest, and if it gets featured, you get a FREE 3D Print.

The Make It Real Challenge is open to any project that was at least partially designed using a computer: it could be a preliminary digital sketch, a sticker, an electronics schematic, laser-cutter files, a 3D design, or even an inkjet printer template - anything digital!  And the prizes are insane - we're giving away a $50k Objet 3D printer, 11 UP! personal 3D printers, and even more free 3D prints. 

To win your FREE 3D print, just enter your project into the Make It Real Challenge this week and meet our featuring criteria!  Everyone who does will win a 3" x 3" x 3" 3D print of anything they choose, a 3D printed Instructables robot, or 5 pieces of their choice from the Free Universal Construction Kit.

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All 3D prints have been awarded!  Congratulations everyone :)
I'm still waiting for my prints. When will they start shipping? Will there be any notifications sent out when they ship? I'm waiting on 2 free prints.
Got my print in the mail today - thank you!
monsterlego5 years ago
Is it too late?!! this was posted before the deadline.
randofo (author)  monsterlego5 years ago
We already gave out 50 for that week.
Is there a deadline for turning in our free 3d print form??
randofo (author)  coloradofshr5 years ago
Please try to turn it in within a few month's time. I wouldn't let it sit for years.
How long does it take after filling out the form do we geet teh prize? I filled out that i wanted to get my own design's been awhile and haven't heard back...
We were only able to get a handful done while we were dealing with the Make it Real Challenge. Now that it is over, we should be getting them printed up and sent out as soon as we are able :)
I entered the "Make It Real Challenge" last night, and this morning my instructible was featured under "technology". It features a 3-D print that is under 3"x3"x3". How do I go about claiming my prize?
oh great, I am currently featured :)
My Ible was featured today, does that mean I get a free print, and if so does it mean I have to design what I want or submit a pic of what I want printed?
How long does it take after you've entered the contest and been featured before you know if you get a print?
Also how long do we have to design a printable piece?
If we win one of these prints are we still eligible for the prizes at the end of the contest?
Thanks for any answers, I'm sort of confused.
Hi, you still qualify to win the contest if you get a free 3D print. You should hear back this week about getting the free 3D print :)
Thank you!
did hear back can't wait to see the results, how long do I have to submit my design
The sooner the better :)
How do I submit my design?
For the free 3D print? It should say in the message you got received :)
The prize claim form just said I would be contacted with more details.
Thanks already submitted it Jacob A Rogers said they would be shipped in about a week. Do you think another opportunity will arise or is this the last time 3D prints will be offered? (got a project in the pipes want to know if i should hold off for a bit on publishing)
We don't have anything like this in mind in the future right now.
thanks will publish it when it's done, hopefully before June 4th.
shazni5 years ago
here is'm so exited
anybody know which site i can check for the 3"x3" 3D print?
fred275 years ago
Wow. I've just bee awarded one of these. Thank you! I never realised Instructables contests were so cool.

I'm tempted by the robot figure but really should design something myself. I wonder if 3 inches cubed is enough to make a toy for my 7 month old son that won't be a choking hazard?
Chemman55 years ago
If i used autocad for a project, could i use those files to enter??
cool i like it
As long as you make something real, it qualifies :)
ChrysN5 years ago
What file type do you need STL, SLC or can it be a 123d? How long do I have to design the product before the offer runs out?
shazni5 years ago
will this be eligible too for a 3D print?
MR.Geo5 years ago
My instructable was featured on May 8th, how long do I have to design the product before the offer runs out?
monsterlego5 years ago
Waaaa! missed the boat :'(

(Just kidding)
missed the boat....ya ....I know...cry cry...sob sob..
life is like that :-)
shazni5 years ago
do i get a 3d print? mine is one day late...the 7th
Derpancakes5 years ago
:(((((( I was working on my entry but my house caught fire...... MUST MAKE ENTRY!!!
randofo (author)  Derpancakes5 years ago
What happened to your house!?
No, it was my sister's first time cooking with oil and.... yup it boiled over. Insurance is being VERY nice though!
how much did it burn your house?
It just burned the kitchen, but the smoke got into everything..
Are the two things related? I hope everything is okay!
shazni5 years ago
wow..i got featured!! cant wait to collect my 3d print :-D
I have submitted something, how do I recieve the free 3d printing, sorry I sound kind of rude, but I really want to see this technology, and a 3d model of teeth :)
randofo (author)  kittycatdogto5 years ago
It needs to get featured by someone on the Community Team.
Hammock Boy5 years ago
Is there anything we have to do if we are featured or will Instructables contact us?
To clarify I mean contacting Instructables about the 3D print. I know about the notice that says if you are featured or not. Thanks.
randofo (author)  Hammock Boy5 years ago
We will send you a notification to claim your print.
Should this happen soon after being featured or sometime after the deadline? I posted an Instructable the 30th, It was accepted into Make It Real on the 1st or 2nd and was featured on the 4th.
hang on...

says the extended deadline is may 6th while

says the extended deadline is june 4th
Can anyone affirm one of the dates?
randofo (author)  Dwelling Mechanic5 years ago
This offer of free printing is independent of the contest.

The contest ends June 4th
Thrasym randofo5 years ago
Gah! I thought it was May 7th. I just stayed up all night working on a project hoping to get it in on time but I missed it. *sad face* Procrastination is a cruel mistress!

Oh well, at least I'm almost finished the work on a groovy 'ible.
jeff-o5 years ago
I was up till 2:30am last night, but I did it! I mainly wanted to git 'er dun in time for the weekend.
poofrabbit5 years ago
To have a rabbit or a robot oooooh I must I must get a 3D print, I've been dying to see something made this way for ages!
Maundy5 years ago
I spent ages on my entry, but it was featured a couple of weeks ago, can you please be really generous for me and make it count?
Must use the offer!
Wow! Thanks so much! Mine got featured, now to figure out what to get "printed"! You guys rock!
Goodhart5 years ago
I am hoping to find a little time....soon
mstyle1835 years ago
when is the deadline for this?
randofo (author)  mstyle1835 years ago
It is now the 6th of May
mstyle1835 years ago
i'm getting late to work trying to upload a video for the make it real contest.. because the deadline was april 30.. now says the deadline says its june something?

whats going on?
randofo (author)  mstyle1835 years ago
The contest was opened up to 3 additional countries and was extended to give more people the chance to enter. If you have already posted projects, that means you have even more time to get votes.
it's nice cause i can enter couple more entries and get more votes.. but the more competition the harder it gets.. and my friends starting to think im just BSing when i tell them is the last week to vote
Yay leftover parts!
Hiyadudez5 years ago
3x3x3 what? CM? MM?


(Crosses fingers)
My vote is for Metres....

(Members in Canada and the U.K. can't accept inches). :-)

The Queen said so...
I do wonder why America hasn't converted to metric... being American, it sounds weird, but I'd rather deal with multiples of 10 than multiples of 6.
1 KM=1000 M= :)
1 MI=5280"= ',:\ wtf bro?
I agree. What's worse is temperatures. They make NO sense.

HOT: +40 C (Celsius), 104 F (Fahrenheit)

Freezing: 0 C (Celsius), 32 F (Fahrenheit)

COLD!!!: -40 C (Celsius), -40 F (Fahrenheit)

Huh? How can two "different" measures of temperature start off so far apart and then end up the same???
draw any two straight lines with a ruler that cross once. See? Easy :) You'll note as with temperature, they diverge again on the other side of the intersection. We just don't see a lot of use of <-40deg.

Both are linear scales.

Celcius makes a whole lot of sense for dealing with the temperature of things. Freezing and boiling of water are close at hand for calibration. Farenheight makes a little sense when you are comparing things to body temperature, but the zero is weird (it was the freezing point of a not-hard to make liquid, so was easy to get consistant).

I could print a full-size self-portrait of my entire family!
not much of a "self portrait" if its of your family...
You are from Lilliput or Blefuscu?
randofo (author)  Hiyadudez5 years ago
belsey5 years ago
I published this 3D printed flying butterfly late last night (very close to midnight...) and it got accepted into the contest and featured today... Does it qualify? If not I think I'll cry..... Already my vegan egg missed your cool cooking contest by just a couple days... If this keeps up I'll never dare publish again, I'll be withholding my instructables till the right contact comes up....
randofo (author)  belsey5 years ago
Sure. That seems within reason.
simonfrfr5 years ago
:D My project was featured yesterday and the day before does that count?
randofo (author)  simonfrfr5 years ago
Sure. That is within reason!
Aleator7775 years ago
Ack, my instructable just got featured today before it has been accepted into the contest, will it still count?
randofo (author)  Aleator7775 years ago
That's fine. It appears to be entered now anyhow
i so want to make replacement shells for snes nes, gameboy and other system games / controller shells. i have 2 snes games in need of shells and a pile of controllers in need of shells but sadly i have no way to make / scan the shells in order to print em
dttworld5 years ago
$50K value grand prize is insane. It's like the Price Is Right for Makers but you have 3 months to win the Showcase Show Down. If the printer is $35k then that means the 6 months of print material is worth $15k. Is that stuff made out of gold?

Only downside to such a large prize is the ~$15k you'll owe to Uncle Sam next year ...... unless you could somehow redirect the gift to a non profit organization and then offer to store it at your house ;-)
poofrabbit5 years ago
Here is to praying I win! I would be so dangerous with a 3D printer :D
no, you misunderstood. You get a free PRINT of an object of your choise, 3X3X3 (IDK cm or inches or feet?) You don't get a free 5,000 3d printer, lol
Well darn it LOL! ;-)
"And the prizes are insane - we're giving away a $50k Objet 3D printer, 11 UP! personal 3D printers, and even more free 3D prints"

2nd Paragraph. Its a "possibility" to win.
jeff-o5 years ago
Awesome! I'm just relieved you extended the deadline to June 4th - now I'll have time to finish what I am working on!
Goodhart5 years ago
Ack....always I am so short on time.
al.grazaar5 years ago
i am from greece and i love 3d printers please give us a change to participate too ;( ;( ;( pleeeeeeease!!!!
randofo (author)  al.grazaar5 years ago
Perhaps you can find a collaborator in one of the eligible countries to help you work on a project and receive the prize.