Make it Real Free 3D Printing Giveaway - EXTENDED!


Instructables is giving away FREE 3D prints to the first 50 projects to enter the Make It Real Challenge this week that get featured on the site! Simply enter your project into the contest, and if it gets featured, you get a FREE 3D Print.

The Make It Real Challenge is open to any project that was at least partially designed using a computer: it could be a preliminary digital sketch, a sticker, an electronics schematic, laser-cutter files, a 3D design, or even an inkjet printer template - anything digital!  And the prizes are insane - we're giving away a $50k Objet 3D printer, 11 UP! personal 3D printers, and even more free 3D prints. 

To win your FREE 3D print, just enter your project into the Make It Real Challenge this week and meet our featuring criteria!  Everyone who does will win a 3" x 3" x 3" 3D print of anything they choose, a 3D printed Instructables robot, or 5 pieces of their choice from the Free Universal Construction Kit.

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All 3D prints have been awarded!  Congratulations everyone :)
I'm still waiting for my prints. When will they start shipping? Will there be any notifications sent out when they ship? I'm waiting on 2 free prints.
Got my print in the mail today - thank you!
monsterlego5 years ago
Is it too late?!! this was posted before the deadline.
randofo (author)  monsterlego5 years ago
We already gave out 50 for that week.
Is there a deadline for turning in our free 3d print form??
randofo (author)  coloradofshr5 years ago
Please try to turn it in within a few month's time. I wouldn't let it sit for years.
How long does it take after filling out the form do we geet teh prize? I filled out that i wanted to get my own design's been awhile and haven't heard back...
We were only able to get a handful done while we were dealing with the Make it Real Challenge. Now that it is over, we should be getting them printed up and sent out as soon as we are able :)
I entered the "Make It Real Challenge" last night, and this morning my instructible was featured under "technology". It features a 3-D print that is under 3"x3"x3". How do I go about claiming my prize?
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