Make something from these parts?

It's my mum's birthday soon (December) and I was planning on making her something out of these various parts.
Any ideas would be appreciated, or (possibly) more things I should get to make something look better.

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dansassin (author) 2 years ago

Here are some pics:

lgooms1 year ago

What did you end up making with your parts?

dansassin (author)  lgooms1 year ago

I ended up making a bracelet for her, and a few other little things for the rest of my family for Christmas. I made a little person riding a skateboard, a (crude) guitar, and a guitar pick out of a circuit board.


those are great! I think the bracelet is very cool. Thanks for the show and tell!

Yonatan241 year ago

Make "Electronics Art" out of these components (the picture below can give you an idea)

Nope, Here's a link

post something if you want some help

you might need watch batteries

You can make great LED light up bracelets

are you trying to make art or an electronics project?

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