Make something out of a beer bottle and win up to $1000

Lucky Buddha Beer is offering up to $1000 in craft store gift cards for the best re-use of its bottles.
They’ve got less than 50 entries and there’s less than a week left.
Check it out:

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zieak3 years ago

oooh... Yeah, bummer about the exclusivity about brand. Don't get me wrong, I understand the reasoning, especially with the cool bottles that you have!

Kiteman zieak3 years ago

I surprised at the lack of a backlash. Did you see the comments here?

wow. i just read the entire comment thread, some people just don't get it?! oh well it was a beautiful sculpture

"If you just wanted to show your techniques in designing sculptures you could have still do it without insulting other religions."


Kiteman3 years ago

Unfortunately, I have never seen Lucky Buddha beer for sale in the UK, so I can't enter.

You'd have been better off sponsoring a more general bottle-related contest on Instructables - you would have had far more interest.

Kiteman Kiteman3 years ago

(See here for sponsoring a contest: LINK)