Make use of iCamera 1000 units?

I have 3 "iCamera 1000" camera units laying around. I do not have the rest of the security system they are designed to function with, but there has to be some way to make use of them and have some fun.

I have lots of cat 6 cable and RJ45 connectors to custom make a cable if anyone has the expertise to figure out how to make use of these.

Before posting here, I searched and searched here and on Google but only found information regarding the "normal" application of these cameras..... I was hoping for something more outside the box which is why I am here.

I included a front/back picture.

Thanks for any ideas!!

Picture of Make use of iCamera 1000 units?
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SeanH1011 months ago

This is a setup guide that i made. Your Welcome everyone that is looking for this!!

truckerV SeanH103 months ago

this is an old thread but I have a camera kinda the same except on the back it says "ICAMERA2" is there anyway you could help me? I want to be able to view this cam and also record the feed. Is this the same as the 1000s

SeanH10 truckerV3 months ago

Every step will be the same, however, if the icam2 was updated to the latest firmware you be unable to access the GUI. I have a code and some instructions on how to view the GUI with this firmware I'll look for and send you later.

ArcAiN65 months ago

I have several of these..

It uses PoE, with the power adapter being 12v 1a
The default username is administrator (no password)

To reset the device to factory defaults, power the device, and hold the reset button at the back for 10 seconds.

NOTE: It takes a minute or two for the device to fully power up. Once factory reset, two LED's on the front will be on, and remain on. This will serve as an indication that the device is powered, and connected to the local network.

You'll need a PoE splitter, the adapter is a typical setup, with (+) on the internal center pin, and (-) on the external outer pin.

(Example of a cheap Y-Cable PoE Tap)

hbscotts9 months ago

Is there a way to connect these to an NVR? If so, email to

devicemodder10 months ago

Looks like it uses Power over Ethernet. or PoE

SeanH102 years ago

did you figure anything out? I finally was able to get mine online without xfin. Now I'm able to view and record 24/7. If you still need help let me know.

I have not been able to get mine to connect. It is plugged into my router using a standard RJ45 Ethernet cable but I cannot even get it to show on my router.

updated information

@seanh10 hi i was interested in how you set up your cams i been looking and have a couple ideas but havent actually got started im still researching, any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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