Make use of iCamera 1000 units?

I have 3 "iCamera 1000" camera units laying around. I do not have the rest of the security system they are designed to function with, but there has to be some way to make use of them and have some fun.

I have lots of cat 6 cable and RJ45 connectors to custom make a cable if anyone has the expertise to figure out how to make use of these.

Before posting here, I searched and searched here and on Google but only found information regarding the "normal" application of these cameras..... I was hoping for something more outside the box which is why I am here.

I included a front/back picture.

Thanks for any ideas!!

Picture of Make use of iCamera 1000 units?
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hbscotts3 months ago

Is there a way to connect these to an NVR? If so, email to hbscotts@gmail.com.

devicemodder4 months ago

Looks like it uses Power over Ethernet. or PoE

SeanH105 months ago

This is a setup guide that i made. Your Welcome everyone that is looking for this!!

SeanH102 years ago

did you figure anything out? I finally was able to get mine online without xfin. Now I'm able to view and record 24/7. If you still need help let me know.

I have not been able to get mine to connect. It is plugged into my router using a standard RJ45 Ethernet cable but I cannot even get it to show on my router.

updated information

@seanh10 hi i was interested in how you set up your cams i been looking and have a couple ideas but havent actually got started im still researching, any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

SeanH10 johnc4135 months ago

updated information

computersbeyond2@gmail.com i would like some help setting up also

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