Make with Ponoko for Half Price

One of our partners for the DIY Halloween Contest is Ponoko. If you're new to Ponoko, you can submit your designs to them to be laser cut out of 30 different materials. You can also sell your designs and make some money off of it. It really brings the cool ability of laser-cutting to everyone and is totally worth checking out.

To encourage all of you to try out the site, Ponoko is taking 50% off the making cost for Instructables users! Just enter this coupon code (XGGD6L) on your way through the making process. You can also turn photos of your hand drawings into real life things!

You can create designs with a graphics program or you can even just draw your design and take a picture of it. Submit that with the Photomake service and you'll be on your way!

Be sure to make something cool because if you win the tech grand prize in the DIY Halloween Contest or first prize in the Costumes, Gadgets and Gizmos, and Decorations categories you'll get a sweet voucher towards making even more amazing things.

Picture of Make with Ponoko for Half Price
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Zytryx8 years ago
 Well too bad the ponoko code doesn't work anymore!
puffyfluff9 years ago
This is awesome. I am definitely going to put in some orders before this expires.
1up9 years ago
Awesome! Just one problem: Can't anybody who reads this (not just Instructables members) use that code?
PKM 1up9 years ago
I think the point is to get more traffic to the business, so we all win (they get customers, we get cheap laser cutting).. Plus, how many non-Instructables-regulars do you know who trawl these forums? I don't know many.
Plasmana9 years ago
Wow! That is a sweet deal they made!
DJ Radio9 years ago
when does this code expire?
fungus amungus (author)  DJ Radio9 years ago
It's valid until the end of November.
Derin9 years ago
normally how much is it
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