Make:SF Meetup - April 14th

Come one, come all and attend another installment of Make:SF being hosted at Instructables HQ. As an added bonus, attendees will be eligible to win a free pass to Maker Faire as there are 5 - yes 5! - free passes to give away.

These events are hosted in a show-and-tell format, so feel free to come and mix, mingle, gawk or bring something cool you made or are making and show it off.

Full details can be seen on the Meetup page and you can learn more about Make:SF on their official homepage.

Meeting start promptly at 6:30 "maker time" and are located at:

Instructables HQ
489 Clementina St.
San Francisco

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SFHandyman8 years ago
I always miss these. I wish there was a local events email list that I could watch for. I would love to bring some Gummi Lego and Finger Loop Braids. Maybe someday they'd let me teach a class and we'll make a mold, cast some Gummies, and make some braids while we wait for various processes to finish. I love to teach.
Subscribed to Randofo. Looks like you post most of the local SF events.
Just in time for the Nikon announcement!
Yep, we're expecting the D5000 and who knows what else?
Work, creativity, work, dammit!
I can't think of a photographic ible.

Oh, hang on ....
I hope that's a joke =]

I thought you meant an announcement regarding a Nikon contest...

Ah, well, it's a good idea anyway.
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