Makeing things at school

I opened this to get some ideas for things to help pass time in school and make it more fun and exciting. I any kids or adults that know of anything I can make in school with basic materials such as. Pens,pencils,tape(scotch),string,pencil springs,ets. Please give us bored kids something to do in class.

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gannon9 years ago
You misspelled making'--perhaps you should focus on learning rather than playing to pass the time at school.
I agree.
Bert99 gannon8 years ago
Rishnai9 years ago
I used to make wireframe airraft out of paperclips. I was particularly good at Russian-built aircraft and tanks for some reason. You could try your hand at that. Paper wasps are another thing. I can roll a mean wasp, and shoot 'em better than most people can shoot a pistol. They're fun to have wars with, but only shoot the consenting (other combatants in the war), make sure you don't leave them on the floor (that's trash, and if you do, the teacher is more likely to shut you down), and most of all, don't get caught. Doodle. I used to draw stuff on my notes, leave them strategically lying around, and pretty soon people were asking me to draw stuff for them. That payed for my soda habit. Scheme. Most of Junior High was spent scheming.
Rishnai Rishnai9 years ago
And now it's summmer, so you don't even have the boredom problem. Maybe my tips will help come fall.
timekiller (author) 9 years ago
please just talk about the forum topic because I am getting my bored by the second
timekiller (author) 9 years ago
thanks alot butI was actually looking for ideas! Just to let you know I have an A+ in english and science so I do learn but it gets boreing fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what are you learning in science?
Bran9 years ago
You could learn.... But, being a student, I know what you mean. Kiteman posted a great link for you. But really, don't get caught, and don't vandalize anything.
Labot2001 Bran9 years ago
You could learn....

Now, there's a novel idea!
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