Maker Fair Detroit

There are some people (myself included), that have never been to a Maker Fair. I'm am planning on going to the one in Detroit, but I though it would be nice for all of you people who have been there before to help us newbies out. Here are some questions that would be good to answer, and feel free to add any more information (all is welcome!). Thanks guys!

1.) What can I expect? i.e. what/who will be there, how big is it, ect.
2.) If you have been there, what are your favorite things to see?
3.) Anything else fun to do in Detroit, or good restaurants?
4.) Are any of you fellow instructablers going?

Picture of Maker Fair Detroit
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tumidaj4 years ago
This is it!!!
ostomesto6 years ago
I'll be there!!! In gonna get an instructables t shirt to show who I am!!
Where can i buy a shirt? I'd love to wear one too
The instructables store is the place to buy it. just search instructables store
splazem (author)  ostomesto6 years ago
Goodhart6 years ago

I am going, but not all the way to Detroit....the one in Sept in Queens NYC is closer.....

splazem (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
Tis ok, I was putting in a shameless plug for the one on the East Coast :-D
directions, hours of fair and hotel suggestions anyone? Please???
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