Maker Faire 2009: Peterson Neon

The first year at Maker Faire (2006) the Instructables/Squid Labs booth was just across from Peterson Neon. (She also works near our old Emeryville digs.) It was incredible watching Shawna Peterson bend neon tubing for signs - lots of fire, slow careful movements that carefully bend the glass to match the angles of her templates, and the occasional puff of air to re-expand a bit of tubing that has softened and constricted at a bend point. The sign is worked from the back, so the front looks properly flat and legible.

Check out the video Bilal took to see how it's done.

Picture of Maker Faire 2009: Peterson Neon
westfw8 years ago
Neat stuff. The burner has 5 torches on one side and one on the other. Geek that I am, I took a picture of that too...
That's awesome! What is she using for a heat source? It looks like a sold flame going from one side of the stand to the other...or is that just an illusion of the video. Do they normally make those by hand? I always figured it was a machine.
It looks like a set of manifold of gas burners that are aimed at each other. Don't know what kind of gas is used but at least she was set up by the firehose.
fwjs288 years ago