Maker Faire NYC Office Hours

Are you coming to Maker Faire NYC this weekend?  We are, and we'd love to meet you!

While you're welcome to come by the booth at any time, we're scheduling Instructables Office Hours from 2:22 - 3:22 on both Saturday and Sunday, so you can maximize your chances of meeting people you know from the site.

What happens at Office Hours?
First off, everyone who works the booth will show up.  I'll be there, as will Eric, Randy, Dave, Billy, Bilal, Star, Zach, and more of your favorite Instructables authors!  Come say hi, and pick up a sticker.

Comment below if you're planning to be there, so we know to look out for you!

Picture of Maker Faire NYC Office Hours
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mg0930mg7 years ago
I believe I am going Sunday, I'll be wearing the robot proudly. :)
Oh noes, you skinned robot and will be unabashedly wearing it as some rusty pelt freshly dripping of motor oil?
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animatronics
canida (author)  caitlinsdad7 years ago
I'm happy to join this incarnation of PETA!
wonky video embedding today
after clicking on the link we get: THIS VIDEO IS PRIVATE
That would be the angry mob waving oil cans and slinging transmission fluid.
... wouldn't that preserve the rusted pelt?
It puts the lotion on its skin...
Or it will be short circuited by the hose again!
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