Maker Faire The Netherlands: Oct. 20th!

Calling all Makers from The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany:

On Oct. 20th, a Maker Faire will take place in Groningen, The Netherlands. Official website:

Besides dozens of dutch Makers, a number of Instructable members will be showing off their work and host workshops:

Masynmachien, Allarrrd and Ynze, and we'll be plugging as well (we got a bag of give-away goodies from Instructables HQ!)

This will be the second edition of the Maker Faire in Groningen. Last year's edition was a huge success:

If you'd like to visit, please leave a comment ;-) Hope to meet you in Groningen, NL on Oct. 20th.

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Moem5 years ago
I can't make it, but it does sound like fun and I have sent a tweet to our followers from the @hack42-account.
Dave A5 years ago
Hè verdorie, ben net op vakantie dan (wat natuurlijk ook lekker is), zit dan in een andere hoek van Nederland. Had dit graag meegemaakt. Hopelijk volgend jaar dan. Voor degege die van ver moeten komen uit Nederland: Er zijn momenteel weer goedkope Kruidvat treinkaartjes te krijgen!
mkunst5 years ago
lijkt me leuk om te komen alleen is te ver voor mij. ( woon in twente )
misschien tegen die tijd mijn 8x8x8 led cube af. :D
ynze (author)  mkunst5 years ago
Aaaahhh, anderhalf uurtje rijden maar. Laad je 8x8x8 cube in en rij anderhalf uur naar het noorden ;-)
diy_bloke5 years ago
I wanna go, but that is a long way from Brabant! and they speak a different language there :-)
Same for me
Brosiman5 years ago
This sounds like a great event.I hope to be there !
I would love to go, but Groningen is so far from the center of Holland. It takes a 2 hour trip with the car or 4 hours with the train, and I live in Zuid-Holland. Imagine how far it is for people from Belgium..
I come from Zeeuws-Vlaanderen but I will definately go!
ynze (author)  janw5 years ago
Good to hear :-) !
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