Maker Faire The Netherlands: Oct. 20th!

Calling all Makers from The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany:

On Oct. 20th, a Maker Faire will take place in Groningen, The Netherlands. Official website:

Besides dozens of dutch Makers, a number of Instructable members will be showing off their work and host workshops:

Masynmachien, Allarrrd and Ynze, and we'll be plugging as well (we got a bag of give-away goodies from Instructables HQ!)

This will be the second edition of the Maker Faire in Groningen. Last year's edition was a huge success:

If you'd like to visit, please leave a comment ;-) Hope to meet you in Groningen, NL on Oct. 20th.

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Moem5 years ago
I can't make it, but it does sound like fun and I have sent a tweet to our followers from the @hack42-account.
Dave A5 years ago
Hè verdorie, ben net op vakantie dan (wat natuurlijk ook lekker is), zit dan in een andere hoek van Nederland. Had dit graag meegemaakt. Hopelijk volgend jaar dan. Voor degege die van ver moeten komen uit Nederland: Er zijn momenteel weer goedkope Kruidvat treinkaartjes te krijgen!
mkunst5 years ago
lijkt me leuk om te komen alleen is te ver voor mij. ( woon in twente )
misschien tegen die tijd mijn 8x8x8 led cube af. :D
ynze (author)  mkunst5 years ago
Aaaahhh, anderhalf uurtje rijden maar. Laad je 8x8x8 cube in en rij anderhalf uur naar het noorden ;-)
diy_bloke5 years ago
I wanna go, but that is a long way from Brabant! and they speak a different language there :-)
Same for me
Brosiman5 years ago
This sounds like a great event.I hope to be there !
I would love to go, but Groningen is so far from the center of Holland. It takes a 2 hour trip with the car or 4 hours with the train, and I live in Zuid-Holland. Imagine how far it is for people from Belgium..
I come from Zeeuws-Vlaanderen but I will definately go!
ynze (author)  janw5 years ago
Good to hear :-) !
ynze (author)  MoustacheCat5 years ago
Masynmachien lives in Belgium. He will be there :-)
I really want to go though, but the other problem is that I have to find somebody who wants to drive me for 2 hours..
Make a big trip of it - get a group of friends together, and persuade one parent to drive you all. Sell them on the idea of all the cool stuff they'll see.

That's a great idea! Seems like a lot of work, as my mom already has said that she will 'Think about it'...
Worth it...
ynze (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
MF is fun for everyone!
pranaman5 years ago
As for the language of the faire, how much of this will be in English? Dutch?

I'm reading the comments, which are in English. However, the site seems to be in Dutch, so I am a little confused as to which language or languages to expect if I go.
ok, great. How much is the entrance fee, and how many days will it last?
janw pranaman5 years ago
The entry is free and it's just one day.
The dutch speak pretty good enlish. Most off us speak a couple off languages.
I speak english, dutch, german, france (un petite...) and a couple of words japanese.

We talk so much foreign languages because there are so many cultures packed together in our tiny country.
ynze (author)  pranaman5 years ago
Dutch, but: The vast majority of the Makers present and the organization are fine with English.

pranaman5 years ago
Regarding entrance fee, and knowing I don't speak Dutch. I saw the word "gratis" on and wondering if it's free to enter.
ynze (author)  pranaman5 years ago
gratis means free :-)

So entrance is free, the Maker Faire lasts just 1 day (it's a "Mini Maker Faire" in the terms of the Maker Faire license :-))

Hope to meet you in Groningen!

Thanks for the post here!

If anybody needs help getting to or staying in Groningen, let me know. Last year we had people from all over The Netherlands, we'd love to have some international people this time around :)

Groningen is a great place to spend some time by the way..., imagine a smaller, friendlier version of Amsterdam including the same tourist attractions.

(I'm one of the organizers of Maker Faire Groningen by the way)
Moem5 years ago
That sounds like fun! Have you announced it to the Dutch hacker community?
ynze (author)  Moem5 years ago
Nope, I'm not very much into the hacker scene. Can you show me the way?
Moem ynze5 years ago
I think a message sent through this page would do the trick.

There's a lot of overlap between hackers and makers... events like this one will most likely be interesting for both.
Kiteman5 years ago

I hope you have as much fun as I did at Newcastle and Derby in the UK!