Maker Faire deadline fast approaching!

Have something awesome that you'd like to show off at the Maker Faire and for some reason haven't applied yet? Then get moving! The deadline is March 31, less than a week from now. Go go go!

And of course even if you don't want to show something off you'll want to go because we'll be there. Yes, there will be lots of other things to see and play with and do, but most importantly we'll have a table so you can come by and say "hi!" We might even have cookies to share.

Maker Faire Call for Makers

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kcls7 years ago
For the one in San Fransisco? I wish I could go, but I'm on the wrong side of the country. Plane tickets are to expensive. *tear*
 Like I said previously, I share your problem, but North Carolina is much closer to where I live (Florida).
M F7 years ago
I hope to see a faire in San diego.
we have the people and the weather.
how do I get one here?
 Maker Faire NC is April 25