Maker/Hacker Space Tour 2009 - The Two Hands Project

Since JetBlue offered a 599$ ticket for a month of unlimited travel a few days ago it was obligatory to use that to do something AWESOME! Hence the Two Hands Project.

Two Hands Project is a Documentary on Maker/Hackerspaces that will be shot in a month during a whirlwind tour of as many USA spaces as possible on the JetBlue 600$ anywhere anytime ticket! We're looking for people to join us in our quest to find and document these places.

I'm also considering live blogging the event at If there are any suggestions as to locations visit please submit them. You are all awesome, be good, do well.

_Bilal Ghalib

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ccrook8 years ago
I'm moving to the DC area very soon and I'm pretty excited to check out the HacDC space. Maybe I'll run into you there.
iBurn8 years ago
I've got Spokane, WA for ya. ;)
lamedust (author)  iBurn8 years ago
Hey man, I'd love to check out Spokane! What's fun going on there, JetBlue will only take me to Seattle. Is there a good way to get there? -bg!
noahh iBurn8 years ago
Or Seattle!
iBurn noahh8 years ago
Only if your willing to drive back and forth across the state daily.
robert25848 years ago
trebuchet038 years ago