Makers Market Research Group Paying up to $300


My name is Kyle and I am the Market Research Coordinator at watchLAB, a nationwide market research company. I am reaching out to you because we are conducting a PAID study for people who considers themselves a "maker", which is someone who creates or manipulates physical objects with digital components.

Our client is a major tech manufacturer and wants feedback and insight from Makers to help shape new products and services for the Maker community. The study consists of an online board from December 1st to the 4th that takes 3 hours to complete, and compensation would be $250.

Our client will then choose a select group of people who completed the online board to be in either a follow-up telephone interview or an in-home interview. The telephone interviews will be taking place December 7-11, take one hour long, and pay $150. The in-home interviews will be taking place December 14-18, take 3 hours long, and pay $300.  

If you or anyone at your company is interested in participating, please have them email me at Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you might have!

Thank you!


Kyle Scheffler |  Market Research Coordinator


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kelseymh2 years ago

You write, "people who considers themselves a "maker", which is someone who creates or manipulates physical objects with digital components."

That's an absurdly narrow definition. So woodworkers aren't makers? Artists aren't makers? Glass blowers? Welders? Chefs? Perhaps the word you're really looking for is "hacker", except that you're afraid of the negative connotations?

KyleS55 (author)  kelseymh2 years ago

My apologies, we worded that part wrong, instead of defining 'Makers' we meant to say 'specifically makers who manipulate physical objects with digital components

Kiteman KyleS552 years ago

You can edit the topic post to correct that.

Kiteman2 years ago

Is the "digital components" a deal breaker?

KyleS55 (author)  Kiteman2 years ago

Yes, we are specifically looking for people who work with development boards.

gmoon2 years ago

If I manipulate something with my fingers (digits, I have ten of them), does that count as "digital?"