Makers Wanted

Proper Television is looking for Makers to star in a new TV series.

If selected for the show, you will enter a series of build competitions, including making things such as:

-Modifying a lawnmower into a 70mph drag racer
-Designing catapults to hurl pumpkins across football fields
-Constructing Rube Goldberg machines
-Building human-powered submarines

Our goal is to find multifaceted individuals with aptitude in numerous fields pertinent to these sorts of projects. People with experience in things like engineering, electronics, physics, welding, pyrotechnics, construction, engines and industrial design—these are the sorts we’re looking to get in touch with.

Does this sound like you? What about someone you know?

Let us know, we'd love to hear from you! Email Jesse at



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Qtirpak5 years ago
Would you consider casting high school engineering students? My friend and I would be interested in applying.
Proper J (author)  Qtirpak5 years ago
Unfortunately we're trying to restrict our search to persons 30 years and older. Sorry.
Under 30 (barely) - bummer, especially considering I've built a drag-racing lawn mower before.

Que sera sera!

P.S. What's the deadline for submission? I've got some buddies I can pass the info to who may be interested.
Proper J (author)  CanHasDIY5 years ago
If you're an experienced maker with an impressive skill set, the age restriction won't matter. I suggest you put together an audition video! And if you have friends you think might be right for the show, pass the message along to them as well.

I look forward to screening your video!
I speak for him and myself when I say "Shucks". We are dissappointed, but wish you the best with your show. Let us know if you change your mind.
That would be awesome but....I'm 13 :P
Goodhart5 years ago
Hmmm, sounds interesting.
dombeef5 years ago
is there an age limit?
Kiteman dombeef5 years ago
In another post, they said "over 30".
Kiteman5 years ago
@ Proper TV

I've tweeted this (maybe others will see it and re-tweet it for you) - I'm surprised that you don't seem to have your own account?
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