Makers in England!?

Hey! I'm going to the United Kingdom and I wanna meet all the hep cats hanging out and building things! Where should I go, and what should I absolutely go see? Maker-wise. *

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PKM9 years ago
The London science museum and natural history museum are favourites, for fairly obvious reasons. Sadly I don't think we have an equivalent of the area Instructables is based in, except perhaps places like Camden market where you can buy a huge variety of funky things (clothes, crafts, massive beanbags, dubious herbal substances) in a small space. I'm not that familiar with the north of the country so I don't know what to suggest there, someone like gmjhowe might be able to answer your questions about the north better than I can. Also I think the UK Instructablers are looking for an excuse to meet up (certainly a few of us are)- perhaps we should descend on Kiteman's scout hut? :P I'm not sure how much else I can tell you- the UK's maker culture isn't quite as organised as you Bay Area folks. What's the planned timescale of your visit?
Is this Star Simpson? It looks like a new gal...
star (author)  Lithium Rain9 years ago
Hey, it's still me. Trying out a different username.
Kiteman star9 years ago
Better than sounding like a punctuation mark!
star (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
stasterisk - my name is Star, and when I was ~12 or 13 I signed my name as "St*r", with the * a five pointed star with the "A" a bit bolder.

I think I once shortened it to "ST*" and my best friend glanced over and said "ST*?" "How am I even supposed to pronounce that, 'st-asterisk'?"

Kiteman star9 years ago

Here's me thinking it was one of those user names where people stare vacantly at the keyboard for inspiration...

Sorry for any insult - it was entirely unintentional.
Before you 'splained it, I thought the same thing about yours...
Oh, okay! :)
star (author)  PKM9 years ago
the 22nd until later than that. A maker meetup would be awesome, but that's not all I'm looking for. For example, if there are any medieval blacksmitheries or foundries/forges around, that would be pretty cool. Whatever neat stuff is around. I've had one recommendation for an explosives manufacturing museum in Portsmouth, I believe.
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