Makers in Northwest Arkansas

Hello all I am trying to organizing some makers , hacker, and tinkers that live the in northwest Arkansas. I would like to start some meetups and eventually start a makerspace. 

If interested check out this

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JoeMurphy (author) 6 years ago
it exists !!!
marcward866 years ago
I'm moving up there soon, for grad school. (I hope, I haven't completely finished my app.) I'm in LR now, but I'd be interested in such a space.
Goodhart6 years ago
I have been attempting to find/start some kind of meeting, kind of a mash up of maker/hacker/think tank group; or The 2600 meets Dr. Frankenstein LOL
JoeMurphy (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
are you anywhere close to northwest arkansas. I'm in the bentonville area.
Nope, Pennsylvania, a few hours outside of Philadelphia...
NachoMahma6 years ago
.  I'm in S AR, but that's not near enough to you for me to be a lot of help. :(
.  I might be willing to take on some small chores that can be handled remotely (eg, assist in maintaining a web site). PM me if you think I can help.

.  PS: It's usually not a good idea to post your e-mail address in a public forum.

.  PPS: Wooooooooooooooooooo!  Pig sooie!
Kiteman6 years ago
I'm nowhere near (wrong continent), but I wish you well.