Makerspace Contest 2017 is live! Enter today!

**I just want to remind everyone that it is fine to find people to join with to make a team BUT remember that you must be within 150 miles of each other and that you will have to SHARE the prizes. So whoever you choose to be Team Captain will be getting the prizes and will be in charge of making sure everyone gets to use them.**

You read that right! The Makerspace Contest will be happening again this year.

The contest is open for entries on June 1st and closes on August 31st. It will be similar to last year with just some updates to the prizes including a focus on Featured Instructables and fun new Individual prizes. That's right; you can help your team win some awesome prizes and also win something all for yourself.

This forum topic is for you to ask questions about the contest, converse about making as a team, and just chat with other teams competing in the competition. Find more details on the Contest Page.

Remember, if you want to participate, you need to register your team, get a team code, and wait until June 1st to start posting.

Have fun and happy making!

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Kiteman14 days ago

If you are looking for a group to join / compete with, have you tried Open Hub?


Where is the team located?

If you check the site, they have hubs all over the world - there may be one near you!

Ok, I am lost. What are the 'hubs'? Is there people on there that are looking for teams in the makerspace contest?

No, it's just places where you might find other makers to enter the contest with.

Ok, but I think I'll just stick with people here. Thanks anyway!

Matlek2 days ago

I'll give it a try: anyone in France near Marseille?

Quelqu'un vers Marseille pour faire équipe?

I know of a team I want and can join, but how do I actually join it?

Can some one help me???? I want to join a team, but I don't know how!

You have a team leader send an email to instructables and then get a code that you use as a keyword in an instructable that you want enter.

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