Makezine feature notification?

Every so often. Well, more than "every so often", projects from this site are featured on the Makezine site.

This is, without doubt, a good thing, but wouldn't it be nice if the authors of featured projects were informed, in the same way as they are informed when their project is featured on this site?

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ewilhelm9 years ago
A big part of the new referrers data is so that we can send you a note when your Instructable appears on a cool site. The notification feature isn't ready yet, but soon...
I noticed the "referrers" information under both (more info) and ![STATS] earlier today. So far, it seems as though only Google shows up (in all of its linguistic bifurcations), which doesn't strike me as necessarily "cool" :-) Perhaps once you have the functionality operational those results could be discarded?

My own comment above does beg a question, though: what and who determines the "cool site" criteria? For example, I've got links to all five of my own I'bles and Slideshows from my own Web pages; I think that's cool, but why should anyone else?
I determine what's cool.
But I determine what's hot.
Hmmm ?
See, it's funny, because he determine what's cool, and I determine what's hot. Get it? Nevermind...
Well, hopefully not in the same, "demonstrative" way, eh? My hmmm? was referring to your bringing up something I thought you were trying to quell ;-)
Oh, I see. I meant hot in the sense of trendy...sabotaging myself, is what I am...
Psst, there are a lot of guys here....and they think, guys LOL
Isn't there some law of nature that explanations are the inverse of funniness? Oh, wait...I'm arguing about the laws of physics in a completely different forum...and Kiteman isn't even in this thread! Never mind...
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