Making Game Designer Team

Looking For Game Designer Team.

There already are 2 members of it.
But we need help of course. We cannot keep it up by ourselfs.

We would also be grateful for any kind of idea !

You need to have Skype, so we can chat while we are making the game itself.

You must know how to use Unity3D.
You can get it here:                                    www.unity3d.com
And of course at least basics of Modeling and Java Scripting.

We are also looking for:
- Art Director
- Animator
- Modeler

Apply Format:

Your Real Name:
Your Real Age:
Skills in Modeling / JavaScripting  - 1/10:
Skills in Unity3d  - 1/10:
Your Skype:
Your English knowledge - 1/10:

My Skype is: nejc.drobnic1
Contact me, and send me the apply and we will talk via skype.

kiregolla412 years ago


kiregolla412 years ago

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Kiteman3 years ago
What kind of pay can applicants expect?