Making a coil >.<

Grrrr, so I'm making my and I have everything done, but I can't make the coil, i try winding but it turns out pretty messed up, and hard to take off, is there any other way to make the coil?

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Sedgewick179 years ago
Well, what I do is put a bolt through the hollow tube that I am going to wind the coil on, and then screw a nut onto the bolt so that the tube is held firmly in place. Then I just tighten the drill chuck around the exposed part of the bolt and start winding.
NachoMahma9 years ago
. Practice, practice, practice. It may help to use a bobbin.
yeah, it might actually make a really neat one if you put 30 gauge wire on az sewing machine and a bobbin and let it wind it'self.
Sedgewick179 years ago
When I make a coil I like to use a electric drill. You need to go at a farly slow speed if you want the coil to really look good.
astrozombies138 (author)  Sedgewick179 years ago
how would i use a drill, i saw people doing it on youtube but im still confused haha