Making a portable turntable portable

Hello all, This question is definitely burning an I hope everyone can help out. I have a couple of portable turntables but only one is actually portable. They can all be plugged into the wall but only one can be powered by 6 "D" batteries. The mission is to convert/adapt one of the plug only ones to run off batteries. They are about AC 117v-120v/5.5w-6w. Is this as easy as soldering a + and - cable from a diy battery compartment to the circuit board. Or will something be needed in between the batteries and the board to make the power acceptable? Also how about adapting it to take a Li-Ion(or similar) battery that could charge when it's plugged in? This sounds like it would be more complicated though. Just getting one to run on batteries would be grand. Thanks for any and all info.

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LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Use an inverter and a 12 volt battery or a car jump starter. I bough mine (the inverter and the battery) for only $15
lovlss (author)  LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
How large is the inverter? Every inverter I have seen is bulky and more to carry. My aim is more self contained within the portable turntable.

Since it's a "digging" for records portable player it has to be self contained in the player itself. Thanks for the inverter idea. It would be added weight and taken space from my bag though. =[
2x4x6 inches. Yeah, if it has to fit inside it won't work. Where do you intend to use it? Maybe if you gave me more info I could give you a better answer
lovlss (author)  LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Swap Meet/Flea Markets. No power available scenario where you speedily move from stand to stand/box to box. Sometimes it's hot so having to lug around a brick and an inverter would tire a person out, crouching alone gets you aching. This is a technical/electrical sort of thing that's been "burning" my mind for a while and I haven't found anything online. Power makes it into the board through a plug and some devices do both power and battery. There must be a way to get a batteries DC current to work on a device that doesn't use a lot of juice. That's where I am stuck.
Just get a wagon! :P
lovlss (author)  LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Vinyl Killers aren't that great and expensive. For the price of one vinyl killer I could probably find 2 or 3 old portables, or a Columbia GP-3 if I am lucky.
. If the unit has a wall wart or "transformer in the line," it may run on DC. Find one that runs on DC and as long as you supply it with that voltage, everything should be OK. Multiples of 1.5 will be easiest to rig up using AA/AAA batteries. . If the platter motor runs off of AC, converting may be difficult/impossible. . If you use headphones/earphones/earbuds for listening, your batteries will last longer - speakers suck a lot of juice.
lovlss (author)  NachoMahma9 years ago
Thanks. The AC motor thing is what I am afraid of. One has an odd motor that is sort of encased and didn't work on battery. Another one has a 6V motor and that one does seem to work off batteries. This AC and DC motors difference is very helpful. Since it's case is so messed up I will have to make a new case for it and getting rid of the speaker will make it more compact. I didn't know the internal speaker hogged up a lot of juice. Hopefully if I find another one in good cosmetic shape it has a DC motor. Thanks.
. Re the AC/DC motor thing: I said may, check with someone more knowledgeable before giving up. There may be an easy way to run a small, low-torque, AC motor on DC.
. If you put the speaker up to your ear, it will take much less power to sound loud. But this tends to be a bit awkward and causes ppl to stare. :)