Making a smartwatch

I want to build a touchscreen smartwatch which can use fitness apps and possibly pair with an iPhone 4s I need parts and a sort of howto guide to help. Many thanks for anything Andrew :)

Ryan Hebron3 years ago

a good start is to think of what you want the end product to be than do research and look for what you need than prototype test and develop. businesses that sell hobbyist electronics is a good place to start like,, and

i think it is possible to do this so good luck and i look forward to seeing an instructable about it

phidgetsinc3 years ago

Cool idea! I just found out today that Pebble started in a Makerspace. I've never seen any guides on doing this yourself. All the components have to be so tiny that you'll have to design your own PCBs, and find some kind of small screen at a reasonable price (I'm assuming you want something colour/high resolution). Sorry I can't be more help, but good luck.

Not something you'll be able to DIY. If you want a smart watch you'll have to go buy one.

Kiteman3 years ago

Step 1, visit Apple store...