Making an LED glow on and off

I have a throwie style LED I wish to make glow on and off. Can someone help me with the electronics here? is there anything I can simply solder on. I need something very small and preferably prebuilt as it's going in a very small container! An on/off cycle would be fine as well (but not as cool)

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photozz11 years ago
Honestly, the smallest and cheapest way to do this would be to switch to a FLED. the "F" stands for flashing. Radio shack sells them. All the circuity to blink the LED is built in. This would then be a blinkie light. The other advantage to this is that the batery will last longer with it only doing a 50percent on off cycle. The only other way to do faders or blinkies on the cheap that I know of would be with some capacitors and a 555 timer chip. that would prob be a bit much in terms of weight and cost for a throwie.
tim_n (author)  photozz10 years ago
I did indeed find my flashing LED - the ones I originally found were rubbish. So now I've completed my instructable!

Beating soapy love heart
photozz tim_n10 years ago
dammit. I just helped the competition.
tim_n (author)  photozz10 years ago
hehe, sorry photozz - I had already thought of flashing LED and had purchased before reading your comment (mind you they were the wrong bleeding LEDs!) Great that you _did_ help though!
photozz tim_n10 years ago
I will crush you. Valentines day shall be mine. Oh yes.. it shall.... (nice job on the hearts!)
tim_n (author)  photozz10 years ago
baaaaah you know this one is a sure winner ;- ) I've got my fingers crossed - I've never won a prize on a competition and even a t-shirt would be cool! (though to be honest a leatherman would be ultra cool!) Fingers crossed!
tim_n (author)  photozz11 years ago
I purchased some last night in fact... fingers crossed they'll do the job! Thanks