Making speakers louder?

I'm totally new to sound systems, and I'm using an old pair of computer speakers. These computer speakers have no volume control, they were controlled completely by the "Volume Control" icon on my taskbar. I'm currently making a stand for my iPod (I know, real original) and I want it to have speakers. Only problem is that it's not very loud. When hooked all together, I think my earbud headphones at full blast are louder than this speaker at the same distance. I'm wondering if there's a way to add power to these things to make them louder. Any ideas are appreciated.

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Re-design7 years ago
Radio shack sells a little battery powered amp that you would plug into your computer then plug your speakers into that would make them much louder.
Ok, so right now you have passive speakers, if you want you're speakers louder you are going to want to get either an amplifier and put it into the circuit, or you will want to get some active speakers, right now there is not any power going to the speakers except the little power from youre ipod, so an amplifier will take the signal from your ipod and put more power into the speakers with that same signal. and if you want to have good volume control don't use a dimmer switch. It will not give as much volume control as i think you would like for an ipod dock thing. I will make an instructable on better volume control and post it to this thread sometime soon (next two days maybe). it gives very nice volume control.
Punkguyta9 years ago
I would ditch them and get a REAL stereo like I have. I have actually a fairly decent setup. I have both a decent sounding pair of JBL computer speakers (2channels) for normal listening. And a stereo with a massive 300 watt peak sub for listening to music or movies. Good system setup if you ask me.
Erik Lindemann (author)  Punkguyta9 years ago
Well, when I do complete what I'm doing I'll document the whole thing so I can make an instructable for it. This thing's gonna be more than just speakers.
Erik Lindemann (author) 9 years ago
If you're gonna think about posting, don't bother, I just opened up a pair of speakers with an amp built in. I don't care about these crappy ones now.
thejrb9 years ago
i'm no pro if the speakers are old and you don't mind if they get broken i'd make some sort of current controller [a dimmer switch would work] and slowly crank it up. if you know how speakers work; a magnet vibrating or something or another. if nothing happens and its more than of a quater of the way up i would't go any further becuase u run the risk of killing the speakers witch that would be bad lol
Erik Lindemann (author)  thejrb9 years ago
Oh, and your link isn't working, it leads nowhere.
Erik Lindemann (author)  thejrb9 years ago
I'll try that. Yeah, I took the speakers out of their casing and there's a date on them that says 8/1/98, that's about half my age, lol. Plus I got another set of them if it does kill them. I'm really just trying to find a way to use these things as they're taking up space and collecting dust.