Making traps for a persistant home intruder

Our 12 year old neighbor will not stay out of my house and car. We have to keep everything locked, and even though we do that, he comes in. We can't afford a home security system, so what can we do? The police don't care, really, because they're always driving him home from someplace he isn't supposed to be. He is like a ninja- he used to come in while we're sleeping, and he could take things from right next to our heads without us knowing. Now, he usually goes into our shed and steals things even when we're awake, and have company! When we locked the gate, the window on the shed got broken. One time he almost walked in the door while my mom was sitting on the couch watching tv. He started to beat on the door for about 15 minutes. Mom doesn't want anything to do with him, so she let him knock because something happens almost every time he comes inside. She said he started to come inside, and she pretended to be asleep. When he saw her, he pulled the door shut real quick. I pulled into the driveway at about this point, not knowing anything that just happened. I though he had just walked up to knock. He then got all wide eyed when he saw me and my sister. He asked "who's in there!?" Like he was afraid or something. We said "mom," and he asked my sister for a cigarette. I'm getting tired of not feeling safe in my own home, and now we have someone else's car here. I don't want her stuff stolen, so what are some traps I can set up so that if they don't hurt him, they will at least wake me up so I can do something?

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File a restraining order, then the cops have to arrest him.

Move to Florida, or Texas, he won't walk in twice.
yeah, since you can prove a pattern of behavior, you'd probably be able to justify shooting the dude if he came in your house. since nothing has been done by the authorities to keep the kid out you'd probably have a pretty solid self defense case.
Move to New York City, dispense with the paperwork.
Maybe those local cops are just waiting for someone else to dispose of the problem for them ???

Sounds like that kid has some serious mental, as well as attitude, problems ~ though nothing a savage pet or baseball bat/axe handle couldn't deal with..
batonas6 years ago
Get a dog, an angry one, train him to bark on the burglar, dont let him tame your dog.
rasskizge6 years ago

Another alternative is that some people post fake warning about alarms and surveillance cameras to scare away burglars.

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tjrq5596 years ago
You could "hire" a nephew of yours or maybe a kid say 2-3 years older than him to lets say pay him a little visit
chilbert0077 years ago
Mr. E. Meat (nice screen-name by the way) has the right idea. I think the use of home-made security systems (bells that ring when the door is opened could give you an edge and deter the determined child. Setting up Hidden Cameras throughout your home pointed at the most likely places to be broken into. Keep in mind that if you use cameras, they are no good without the recorded information so your recorder needs to be in a more secure place or protected by it's own dedicated lock/system. If you can prove that the kid is doing the damage, then you can stop him.

Restraining orders don't work. They give the predator a sense of importance because you have fully acknowledged them in a legalistic manner and they feel powerful (though angry) for the attention you are now giving them. When you don't want someone to feel important, you are better off to ignore them. Now, I'm not saying to ignore the problem, but the restraining order is likely to only make the problem escalate as is seen time and again in police cases. Many people would actually like to see the restraining order done away with altogether and a different approach taken.

As far as defensive action goes, the kid is 12 and shooting and or hurting him is only going to make you look bad, especially if the kid doesn't have a weapon, whether he is breaking into your home or not. Granted, I wouldn't blame a person for pointing a gun at an intruder, but you really need to KNOW what your local laws say about defense of your "castle" and what rights you have regarding defensive action.

You could try something like they use in some Mom and Pop stores. Hang a bell over the frame on the doors so when they open the door it rings the bell. Useing the same thinking you can hook up a door bell/buzzer to go off when ever the contacts on the door/window and frame aren't touching when it's closed. There's many differant things like this you could try. I also would suggest setting up cameras to record him and press the cops to do something, before it gets to the point where he or someone you love gets hurt.
Mr. E Meat7 years ago
Know your local laws. Booby traps are illegal almost everywhere.

I think you may have to catch him in the act. Set up a webcam on a motion detector ( . Get video of him breaking in and take it to the police. They'll have to do something. If they don't, take it to the local newspaper. Make it public knowledge that the police refuse to do their jobs. Hopefully they'll be shamed into doing something about it.

If they still won't do anything, learn your laws regarding what you can do to an intruder when you or your property is threatened and wait for him then take appropriate legal action (detain him, etc.).
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