Male or Female Instructables, which are more looked at?

I need to know if I should cater more to male or female viewers?  I think more men are on this website than females but I was woundering if anyone could tell me the truth.  I would also like to know the adv age of people on this web site so I can cater to those ages better???  Thanks Denae :)

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Do what you love and the viewers will come! :)
Kiteman6 years ago

Quancast has a good set of data you can use to target your work.

Click here.
denaetak (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
Thanks for the quick reply but my computer does not support that site. Do you know the answer? Thanks Denae

The information is summarised here on instructables, though.

Click here
denaetak (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
WOW! Thanks! You are good! I felt like more men were on here but the ladys seem to be catching up. I think the steampunk thing is catching on here also. So I will try to create some women and more men stuff but also mostly Steampunk stuff I guess. Thanks for you help once again! :)
With the anonymity of avatars and random user-names, it's often hard to discern a member's gender.

Bear in mind, too, that by attempting to "cater" (as you put it) to the larger demographic, you are perpetuating the lopsidedness!
I hope that's not aimed at me!

Remember how confusing Adrian was?
No, no (sorry; that would have been better as a toplevel reply; the cough was just referencing Adrian. ;)

(Although I did recently meet a girl named Adrian... :P )
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