Malware ad

I have seen this ad claiming that you have won a prize. but its a malware distributor. admins, would you please remove it?

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It nalso beeps and makes annoying noises...
True. Even if the advert is safe, it's annoying enough that I have to refresh to get rid of it.
Congrats to you 3 for not using adblock! I salute you!

I love how adverts try to look like Windows XP/Vista, and how they don't blend in at all with my system.
I don't use adblock either for that very reason.
Besides the fact that they usually bounce around and try to get your attention...all my windows do that.
I had a plugin for that on the school computers, I loved it, just because it was so stupid...
I love the fact that they look like neither of the systems, for some reason the advertisers have a bizarre obsession with seriously out dated windows OS's though maybe that's the plan you could easily target old computer users that don't really catch on...
ll.13 zachninme9 years ago
You need to upgrade from Win. 3.0
n8man9 years ago
I got two of those in a row. One saying I was the 999,999th visitor and the other said I won a wii and had a voice attached to it. Also I have one right now that tells me to vote for coke or pepsi for a chance to win 50,000 dollars. I really want these removed.
gmoon n8man9 years ago
Got the "free Wii" ad with the (loud) audio here, too. It startled me--pretty annoying.

It's tolerable, barely--if it doesn't happen too often.

(I use Adblock Plus, but it's disabled for instructables.)
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