Malware from the Ads?

I was browsing through Ibles' with Chrome, and it suddenly gave me a warning page telling me that:

"The website appears to contain elements from the site, which appears to host malware".

It's Imagine that it's from the ads because I visited the same page just seconds before, and when I went back to it I got the warning, hinting that something changed which was probably the ads. This really needs to be dealt with pronto, because we don't want anyone thinking Ibles' hosts malware when it's a totally reputable site.

By the way, I put this in bugs because I wasn't sure where it should go.

Picture of Malware from the Ads?
ibles malware.jpg
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ewilhelm7 years ago
I think I've isolated this. Can you please let me know if you get any more warnings?

It's back again....
I started getting these today as well.....
dsman195276 (author)  ewilhelm7 years ago
I'll let you know, but it hasn't come up since and that was also the first time it came up. Was the problem with a ad or something else?
fbuth5 years ago
5 min ago. Same as pastanut.
Me too. It's better now, I guess, since I'm not getting the error message anymore? Odd.
dombeef5 years ago
Its the Ace Quick Fixes and a randome grey square this time
pastanaut5 years ago
I'm getting the warning, but now it's saying that the site is the one that hosts the malware.
Doctor What7 years ago
Or pro. Pro works too.