Mammatus Clouds Observed in Aurora Colorado

A thunderstorm rolled in at about 3:00 p.m. near my house in Aurora Colorado. I was amazed by the clouds that were present, and recognized some of them as "Mammatus Clouds." These clouds are fairly rare, I've only ever seen then twice. They are named "Mammatus Clouds" because they resemble a mammals breast. These clouds were not as distinctly mammatus as the previous ones that I had observed, but they are still mammatus clouds nontheless. I thought that these are really cool, and that someone might enjoy seeing them. Enjoy!

Aurora, Colorado

Picture of Mammatus Clouds Observed in Aurora Colorado
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Kiteman5 years ago
I think photo #5 had an alien craft descending from the clouds...
freeza36 (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
I was wondering why the men it white coats came and confiscated my camera...
photo 5? o_0
The one the government suppressed...
Ah yes... Big brother. (Looking out for all of our best interests).