Manual Water Pump

I am trying to build a manual water pump in my house. We are digging a well of about 320 feet (about 100m) and are hoping to pump water into an overhead tank that is about 13ft (4m) above the ground. Can anyone help me figure out how to build such a pump. Electricity is and expensive commodity in my area and that is why were looking to use a manual pump. Any input will be appreciated.

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Toga_Dan4 years ago
a vacuum pump wont work. 30 feet is the max on those. In a 300 ft well, the pump has to be at the bottom with a way to get power to it. This can be a rod, or a separate water pipe which is used as a hydraulic power source.
andrew_294 years ago
Primeonly275 years ago
If you want to make your own you might want to try experimenting with some rubber o rings, plastic discs / plates, and rubber sheet material for a flap, all thread rod, some ply wood, pvc pipe, ect.
You could maybe try looking into solar and a battery or just straight solar to run a pump once a day to fill a big tank.
320' plus an extra 13' to a tank is a long way to move water by a hand pump. From what i can find with commercial hand pumps 350' is about the max a hand pump can do. You may not be able to build a pump that can do the job. But here is a commercial option with some helpful info.
oppan_d (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
Thanks. Help appreciated.