Marble Machines

Here's a movie of a gorgeous, useless marble moving machine. Check out the guy's marble machine website as well; he's got a lot of discussion about raising marbles and making marble movement machines. He has built several others as well but this was my favorite, probably because of the lovely wooden musical noises created by the falling marbles.

Picture of Marble Machines
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tzq33tdq7 years ago
this is the awesome-est ever!!!
NachoMahma9 years ago
. First breasts and now balls. I'm afraid of what may be on deck. heehee
Epic comment
I'm almost, but not quite, tempted to flag this, but why bother.... :->
Goodhart9 years ago
Very cool indeed although I was a little disappointed, as I thought the title indicated a marble MAKING machine...but I guess I dream too much :-)
. Have you ever seen a marble making machine? Tres kewl! They showed one on one of those how-things-are-made shows on cable. Ah! Here it is. (The interesting stuff starts about 4:00)
Yes (this was Made in America), I saw the Canadian produced How Things are Made... on Discovery Channel