Marshmallow Topping

What's a good marshmallow topping? How do you eat Your 'mallows?

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Flumpkins9 years ago
I cover mine in tobasco sauce, but a needle with a string in it to let it hang and to let the tobasco sauce dry. I then melt some lolliepops and dunkt the marshmallow in that and then I eat it,
Rishnai9 years ago
I once jammed two electrodes in one and plugged it into the mains. That was fun. I lke 'em over a wood fire... torch 'em, blow out the fire, remove and eat crust, then toast the remainder to golden-brown.
Camisado (author)  Rishnai9 years ago
ll.139 years ago
Burnt in fire always works. =)
Kiteman ll.139 years ago
True. But what sort of fire? Bonfire? Blowtorch?
ll.13 Kiteman9 years ago
hard question, I think Blowtorch and bonfire fire work the best. =P
A fan heater works alright, as does a rotisserie grill... The best one is blowing fire at them, though a little fuelly in flavour...
Have you tried a Zippo? =D
Yep, kinda weird tasting, not unlike the first draw of a cigarette from a freshly fuelled zippo...
I wouldn't know. Is it anything like a paraffin-doused bonfire?
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