Martial Arts Instructable

What do you guys think about a martial arts instructable? I was thinking of making one of my own personal style. Would I get a good turnout?

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polar5686 years ago
you will
Murdok (author) 10 years ago
I see what you are saying. I will be doing that. I might need some of your help, but I am starting now.
Murdok (author) 10 years ago
I have started now. It is a combination of four styles. I can't make a video, but I will have tons of pics. I hope I get a good turnout.
Kiteman Murdok10 years ago
Your video doesn't have to be hollywood quality, or even have sound. Most digital cameras can record some sort of video - if your memory card is small, just do them one at a time, swap them over to your computer and then empty your card for the next one. You can always edit clips together with MovieMaker. If your camera takes .mov movie clips (like mine does), then use a free conversion application like "Imtoo" to turn it into an mpeg that MovieMaker can cope with.

A 5 second clip of a hold or throw would save a whole lot of confusion.
Pat Sowers10 years ago
I have a martial arts instructable and there has been a good bit of people that looked at it. if you do make the instructable use lots of pictures and some video so people understand it better. What kind of martial art is it?