Marx generator - what do you want me to zap? (Videos!)

Okay, some of you are asking me to zap, shock, things with my 50Kv marx generator.

Say what you want me to zap in the comment and I will see if I can do it, and post the photos here on this forum topic. I might do a slideshow...

Oh, and here's an instructable about building a marx generator. Build a simple Marx Generator

I posted some of the videos! Sorry for the bad quality, I used a crappy camera... :(

I hope you enjoyed it!

Picture of Marx generator - what do you want me to zap? (Videos!)
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Dreistein5 years ago
hey i'd like to make a device i can attach to say my foot ,that if i touch someone they would get a shock basically like when you walk with socks over a carpet but the effect is automated. A guy made an ible where he makes what im describing but its not very detailed. any ideas?
st5k Dreistein5 years ago has a 12vdc device that i used to build the same thing u are describing... all you would need is a 9v batt and a switch with a lil wire. i know it says its 12vdc but only put 9 thru it if u are attaching it to yourself because it will create enough voltage to creep up the side of ur boot. if ur smart u will use a momentary switch rather than a toggle as i did to avoid some very uncomfortable situations lol
Kiteman9 years ago
Short the spark across undeveloped camera film, see what traces it makes.

Make the spark jump near small invertebrates - ants, woodlice etc - to see how they react. Do they immediately scurry back to the nest and move larvae to dry chambers, as if a storm was coming?

Through a grape.

Through a pickle

A cloud of flour.
Plasmana (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
Camera film - I might use one that is already used...
Near small invertebrates - I will try do that, however the spark might kill them...
Through a grape - Possible, will do that as soon as my parents gets some grapes...
Through a pickle - Not possible, my parents does not buy pickle...
A cloud of flour - Hell, no! It WILL cause an explosion, and burn down my lab!

lol "lab"
Plasmana (author)  Sandisk1duo9 years ago
Yep. my little wooden garden shed had turned into my laboratory!
all i have is a table outside with a bunch of circuit boards on it
Plasmana (author)  Sandisk1duo9 years ago
Can you do it in your house?
ya, but my room is usually covered in free samples, wires, bits of solder, and homework
Haha I have a decent workshop my desk is crowded with: my keyboard 2 monitors lamp homemade computer modded psu lamp mouse giant breadboard various tools and components I do all of my soldering in my workshop I do all of my designing and prototyping in my room at my desk oh, except stuff involving ac mains I do that in the workshop cause if I trip the breaker my computer turns off and that's very annoying
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