Mash-Up Contest Winners Announced

Instructables and ReadyMade magazine are happy to announce the winners of the Mash-Up Contest!

We judged from among the over 180 entries, with an amazing variety of mash-ups. Clearly, almost anything can be repurposed with some skill and imagination!

ReadyMade and Instructables are happy to salute that innovative spirit, and award some cool prizes.

Grand Prize!

Winner of a Coby Personal Media Player 4.3" widescreen with video recording and SD card slot, a $250 Michael's Gift Card, and an Instructables robot t-shirt.

Stool made from bike parts and crutches by zieak

First Prize - These two First Prize winners will each receive a sewing machine (a Janome HeartTruth sewing machine or a Singer sewing machine) and an Instructables robot t-shirt.

Super iPod by sun

USB Cooling Fan
(from a broken drive)
by BlindSight

Second Prize - These ten Second Prize winners will each receive a VPX Black & Decker tool set and an Instructables robot t-shirt. Winners shown in alphabetical order.

The Apple Remote Watch Blu-Ray Laser Phaser! Boom Bag Gas Powered Shredder How To Make A Dressy Hoodie

Light Up Top Lightshow

Make:NYC Badge Contest entry NES ZAPPER!!! Pole Saw to Gutter Rake Conversion Time Warp

Since the Mash-Up Contest was limited to US entries, these otherwise awesome projects weren't eligible; we'll try to do something nice for the authors. Check out their great ideas!
How to build a wood fired hot tub
Make a digital clock from an old B&W laptop
Toilet paper roll - lamp
Air Canada Sound Pillow
Network Cards Notebook

Voting was done by staff at Instructables and ReadyMade magazine. Winners will be contacted via Instructables private message with prize claim instructions.

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I never saw that seat...awesome! Congrats, everyone!
I know, same here! That is hands down an awesome Mash-Up!
zieak Brennn109 years ago
Thank you. I had the idea rumbling around for a while and this contest finally got me in gear to make it. Originally i had thought of making an end table using wooden crutches for legs.
Congrats everyone!

Thank you!
Goodhart9 years ago


You got me.....I didn't re-read it when I wrote that....oy vey !
I meant I need to get things cleaned up and cleared away so I can work in my work station, and put something together for my first instructable. *sigh*
Cmon Goodhart, you can do it!
As soon as I can move my wife's junk somewhere else
Goodhart9 years ago
That's ok, I re-read it myself and


didn't know what it meant LOL
Kipkay9 years ago
WOW! Very cool! I've enjoyed adding to the world of Instructables. Thanks for giving me a Second Prize! Big congrats to zieak!
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