Mass rapes and machete murders in 2008

Kenyan tribal warfare:

I'm not sure if this is a topic, that everyone would like to be shoved in their face like this.. So please let it die if your don't want to hear about it..
but with that said...

WHAT THE &%#!!??!!!!?!!!!!!!

I would generally refer to myself as a non-beliver in christianity.
But for the first time in my life, I sought help from God for these poor people caught in the middle of this.

Within 15 minutes of the election results being released the unrest had already begun...

I'm not sure how many of you have been following this, but whats going on is VERY DISTURBING. I have just viewed several people being chased and murdered buy groups of tribal members.... Women are being taken and gang raped... This is not one or two people being killed and raped here it's many more.

If something like this is not worth stepping in and controlling, then what is??
Australia has participated in civil unrest issues before with success and has shown so in East Timor..
Would it not be a good idea to stop this now, before more deaths and raping's occur?...

And yes I am more than aware, of the logistics of launching a multinational strategical force into a under developed country such as Kenya. Yet I also believe something needs to be done...

What do you all think of the situation??
I'm feeling physically ill at the moment, I don't know if i'm going to be able to sleep tonight.... I just keep seeing the guy running and getting cut till he falls and they get him.... Truley sickening....

Picture of Mass rapes and machete murders in 2008
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Keith-Kid9 years ago
Watching the violence out there is truly disturbing. On the news there are videos of the eople attacking the cars carrying political figures. Wow, they throw stuff, tip them, break everything, take the people out of the cars and beat them. Its madness over there!
Doctor What9 years ago
Kenya is just one of the many foreign nations that is in need of help. It would be great if we could step in, but right now, we are kinda caught up at the moment. Other countries, as well as our own, need to step in for these people.
CyrusII9 years ago
thats pretty sad, people have been doing this to each other for centuries, not knowing where it will end
That's simple. As long as different ethnics can't live together, they fight each other until remains only one ethnic, or until they find a mean to live together. This happen since the beginning of the humanity ... Though, each time this happens, this is not just humans fighting against other humans, no, it's a battle between wiseness and bestiality. Because humans carry both inside them. It's a fight between our animal nature and what makes us different from other animals. And this battle happens all the time inside of our brains ...
I'm very shocked by the violence they use ... Some of them really behave worst than beasts. It's like if they were unable to feel any empathy for their victims ... This time, it's not all because of religions : it's all about inter-tribes racism. Hatred grows in the heart of peoples, and as soon as it is possible, for any motive, all this hatred is released like a torrent of mud ... and they lose the reason ... This is disgusting. I'm afraid that sending an international force will just rise the hatred against us and postpone their genocidal wars ... That's generally what happens. Seems they just want to kill each others ...
This time, it's not all because of religions : it's all about inter-tribes racism. - I agree this is simple blood-thirsty tribal warfare. It's sickening, and makes me ashamed of the species I'm a member of.

I sought help from God for these poor people - and what did he do, anything?


Pat. Pending
Lftndbt (author)  Patrick Pending10 years ago
So far absolutley nothing... in saying that..
were else could one seek help, if everything I believe in could not forsake these poor souls.

Perhaps you should widen your perspectives..
I'm sure there're alien species out there somewhere looking at people like us going "what are these stupid %$#'s doing running a planet?"

But do you think they blame us, considering our evolutionary state and given ignorance??
No they wouldn't, as we should not blame the Kenyan's for there ignorance in the current situation.

It's all in the eye of the beholder...
They know no better, and have NO reason like you or I. ;)
Perhaps you should widen your perspectives.. - I would love to; in what respect?

I'm not sure I understood the rest of what you were saying :-/


Pat. Pending
Lftndbt (author)  Patrick Pending9 years ago
Sorry, thought it was pretty straight forward...
humans = dumb
Advanced alien species = smart

Would they blame us for ruining a planet, or pity our evolutionary state.?
They would pity us as we should the kenyans.

Sorry can't explain it anymore than that... did you get it that time..?
Personally, I consider Ireland a case of tribal warfare. From the Normans through today, this has persisted for a loooooong time.... It isn't really religious in nature, although the parties have aligned themselves by faith. Religion was certainly used as a weapon... Doesn't offer much hope for the future of other conflicts, sorry to say.
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