Massive Rubber Band Ball Destroys car

I was just surfing the interwebs and i found this video.

Some guys drive to the top of a hill with a massive rubber band ball in the back of their van and then roll the ball down the hill hoping to hit the car,

The ball bounces as it goes down the hill so the first time they roll it they only hit the back of the car, the second roll is a miss but the 3rd time they land it right in the side leading to a surprising amount of damage.

Video is a bit bright to begin with but it gets better.
Skip to 1:55 for the best hit.

Picture of Massive Rubber Band Ball Destroys car
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Colonel888 years ago
That is so fake. Ask the Mythbusters to try this.
I have a rubber band ball about 6 inches in diameter. It weighs 5 pounds. This is definitely possible.
it is possebol
Instead of spike strips to stop the bad guys, imagine this ball rolled in front of them! One incredible noisy and sudden stop(!), and the rest of the cops chasing their rubber ball missile. (Insert evil grin here)
RUSTEY GOT OWNED!!!!!! how long did it take you to make that
ktalex8 years ago
i dont get y u would wanna destroy ur car just for a video?
jollex8 years ago
Lol, I love the part where the guys says, "Hey... how are we supposed to get it out?
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
and why on earth would you want to ruin your car?
lemonie8 years ago
Cool! I assume the US army have vehicles (in Iraq) that can survive a rubber-band-ball attack... L
I believe we're giving those insurgence fighters ideas.
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