Massive Spam Attack

I'm sure you've probably noticed or been informed but in case it slipped by there was a MASSIVE (~1000 posts) spam attack on the Answers forum. There's no way every post is going to get flagged so consider this a batch flagging.
Are there any security concerns related to this? There's always been spam on that forum but this doesn't seem like it could have been accomplished manually.

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pseaton2 years ago

We understand this is a problem, and four separate fixes have already been coded. Of those, two have been released. You're still seeing lots of spam, and while I understand this can be frustrating I hope that the main reason for the delay in the last fixes (which will actually slow down the spam) can be appreciated by this group.

Our highest priority is to protect Instructable and Collection spam, because this is how the great majority of people encounter Instructables. For this reason, we try to keep our filters tighter on Instructables and Collections than on questions and forum topics. In the answers section, spam is certainly very annoying but not quite as directly impactful to as many people.

So when we started seeing lots of spam in the answers section, you may be surprised to learn that the first thing we did was raise the bar on Instructable spam, even though we weren't seeing any. We had already implemented all of the solutions discussed here for Instructables, so to raise the bar there we had to get creative. That's been done, so now we're clear to raise it for answers as well.

I'm sorry we haven't been communicative about this, but since spam tends to be a game of whac-a-mole, it's generally best not to publish your playbook.

Honesty, rather than "we're on top of it" is a much better policy, and saves you from derision.

I've several times thought there's value to having some sort of format for regular updates and communication from the dev team. The many groups who have a stake in what we do have very different interactions with the site, though, so I haven't found a single format that makes sense to maintain for everyone. There are our own internal teams, the broader community of authors, advertisers, etc. I occasionally post to the forums, but for the most part I've found my posts here generate a lot of feedback we can't act on. It's not a sustainable habit.

When there's unusual ire, seamster draws us in for a direct comment

Why seek a "single format", if it makes sense to communicate in different ways ?

Thanks for an update with some information in it!
At least now we can understand it better.

seamster2 years ago

Please rest assured that no one is asleep at the wheel! :)

The correct parties are aware and are continually working to keep the site spam-free.

If this is no one asleep at the wheel, heaven help us if they were.

If they need more than 2 weeks to fight the current form of spam attacks than something is wrong...
Solutions were named before none is implemented so far.
So does "continually working" in this case mean they are still thinking there should be something done or is there actually something being done?

Soo sick of spam, I don't even bother flagging it any more. Just give some trusted members spam killing powers and be done with it.

That explains the complete absence of spam in the answers section.

Oh, wait.

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