Master Chief meets Hello Pony meets Bizarreness

This mash-up of a macho videogame icon and an overly cute pony is so odd you just have to love it. I wouldn't pay over $150 for it on eBay as some guy has, but I do like the pictures.


Picture of Master Chief meets Hello Pony meets Bizarreness
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Very Funny and cool! Nice link!
ll.139 years ago
Uh... ok... :rolleyes: (this should be in Halo 4!)
Halo 4: The New Super Soldier. But seriously, who in the world made that?
LOL the Brute lord LOL XD
Whaleman9 years ago
Cool, I never thought ponies could be so battle-rifle-wielding awesome!


Usually I don't say that, but this is just cool.
tomonto9 years ago
Goodhart9 years ago
your link is an HHTTP link...I can't open it
Brennn109 years ago
meets bizarreness - You got that right.
Notbob9 years ago
very bizarre