Master Sword V3

Yeah well I was bored and didn't like how my OodAst4 was turning out so I just decided to improve my Master Sword from last time. It's a little stronger and looks a little better but it still isn't a good idea to hold it horizontally with the flat sides facing up and down. It's just fine if you hold it vertically or with the blade sides pointing up and down. I still wouldn't swing it around too wildly. Such is the problem with making a three layered sword that has to connect a thinner bottoms section to a larger top section of the blade in a way that makes it somewhat match the "real" thing. I figured out a way I could improve it but I'd have to replace the yellows making the lower blade into snowflakes and that wouldn't look as good. Otherwise the top of the blade is pretty solid so if you were to get rid of the lower blade, this would actually be a pretty decent design. Anywho yeah nothing much to talk about with something that doesn't shoot. If someone else feels adventurous they can try to make this shoot magic lasers by swinging it by I'm not going there...

Picture of Master Sword V3
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Lowney6 years ago
This is awesome. What's your favourite Zelda game? I really couldn't say...I've still got Ocarina of Time sitting on my shelf, man I need to get round to playing it! But I'm still battling the Wind Waker and Metroid at the moment. Long live the Gamecube I say!
TheDunkis (author) 6 years ago
First time I openly showed my K'nexing hobby on facebook (guns are a bit extreme) and I guess it garnered a decent amount of respect. Gonna show this pic on a gaming board and see what they think of it.
Can I add you or do you just want to restrict your friends list to people in your town?
TheDunkis (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
I only add online friends whom I'm good friends with.
Like how good? AIM buddies or something?
TheDunkis (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
LIke, I've talked for nearly a year to and shared enough personal details that I wouldn't mind meeting this person. No offense, but that's not most people here. I think I might've had Jammy added at one point but I probably got rid of him in a friend purge with reasoning too long to explain.
Sounds pretty smart, haha.

Nice sword, btw!
That's understandable.
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