Materials Resources

It'd be helpful if we could create a permanent page to list recommended vendors of common supplies. If you have a favorite website for LEDs, magnets, electronics, or any other parts you could contribute to it. It would be a materials wiki, except one person updates it. An instructable wiki would be helpful as well, but one step at a time, eh?

For example:

Clock movements and parts
One-foot USB extension cables (so common!)
Tap Plastics
Acrylics. Scrap bins in stores are a great resource.
Gobs of electronics.

K&J Magnetics
Neodymium magnets. Check out their surplus items and eBay auctions for deals.

Printing & Cutting
Lasercut stencils. Never used, looks good.
Excellent full-color vinyl stickers with cheap die-cuts (batches of 1,000)
Stickers are decently priced, but don't have glossy coat that protects them.
Really great full-color, double-sided, round corner business cards
Sticker Guy
$20 for 250 b/w stickers, but delivery can take up to 8 weeks.

Great free remixed video game music

mickeylynn10 years ago is a nightmare. These guys don't even know what customer service is. They charged my company over $600 before I even saw a proof and when I dissaproved, they stopped answering and ignoring my phone calls for refund of monies. Still fighting this...
fungus amungus (author)  mickeylynn10 years ago
Sorry to hear that. My experiences have been the exact opposite with quality that met my expectations. I guess I've just been lucky. I hope that ends well for you. Meanwhile, I tried out psprint for stickers and it was a disappointment. The vinyl felt cheap and the designs got rubbed off a little while in my pocket.
royalestel10 years ago
Amen. AWESOME suggestion. Yet another reason I love you. Really great full-color, double-sided, round corner business cards: Great free remixed video game