Maxablaster: The homemade 52 million candlepower flashlight.

A homemade 52 million candlepower flashlight. So that's what engineers get up to in their spare time.

The article says 38, but apparently Ralf has already upgraded to 52 with his newer setup.

The 45-year-old Dutch optics engineer has been building his own lights since he was eight, but his recent 38-million-candlepower creation, the Maxablaster, is more like a miniature star. To start, Ottow stripped out the innards of a powerful commercial flashlight and switched in a mercury arc bulb, which generates light by creating an ultra-hot plasma between two closely spaced electrodes inside the gas-filled central chamber of the lamp. That results in a brighter, more focused beam but also kicks out more ultraviolet light (hence the sunburn, a product of early testing). So he added a specially coated reflector and designed, ground, and coated a new glass window that would trap UV rays while still pumping out light.

Powered by a pack of 54 batteries, the Maxablaster can put a bright spot of light on a cloud four miles high and illuminate a house from just as far. But Ottow doesn't use it to spook his neighbors. It's not a torch you'd walk your dog with," he says. "It would probably cook your dog."


Picture of Maxablaster: The homemade 52 million candlepower flashlight.
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Dr.Paj9 years ago
Is "candlepower" another way to say lumen?
tejasr Dr.Paj1 year ago

No candlepower is related to candela. Lumens is a measure of output while candle power or candela, is a measure of intensity. See this wikipedia article, here - Candle Power

Goodhart Dr.Paj9 years ago
that hurt my brain
Sorry about that, next time I will put a warning on my post: Warning: technical GEEK info.....take slowly or in pieces to avoid any damage ;-)
thanks :p
so, do we need to do a lobotomy in order to remove the damaged areas? I have a DIY book on brain surgery I could use... ;-|)
If you have to squint to look at it, it's pretty darn bright.
Is candlepower still widely used in the US, instead of candela?
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