Maybe Found Cheap EL Wire?

I was doing a quick search on ebay and found this. Its cheap el wire. The best part is its orange,(Clemson Stuff). Its about 10 bucks including shipping.
Is there any problem with this stuff. 

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eddy147776 years ago
Thanks for the link! Here is his store Link it's got USB ,car and lots of other power sources http://stores.ebay.com:80/Stardust-eStore__W0QQ_fsubZ260559010
imthatguy1125 (author)  eddy147776 years ago
No Problem
kcls6 years ago
Nope, I would go for it. The seller has 99.2 percent positive feedback and has sold many things. 7.5 feet plus a battery driver for 5 dollars? Now that is a good deal. Go for it man!
PersonPwner6 years ago
I got 9.8ft for 8$ off virutal village but the shipping is extremely long. Ill probably purchase from there next time i want some wire
scratchr6 years ago
I found a el wire dog leash at Marc's for two dollars it had two colors sand it was easy to remove.
knektek6 years ago
Whoa! 5 british pounds aswell!
imthatguy1125 (author)  knektek6 years ago
but shipping might get you.
The price that i gave was combined shipping and the el wire cost.
kcls6 years ago