McCain '08

This forum is for all McCain supporters, but debate is open to all.

Please name Senator Obama by his correct name, it's childish to modify it for merriment, it's been done millions of times before and is really not funny

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KentsOkay (author)  AnarchistAsian9 years ago
Figures, you are an anarchist afterall...
ha ha no, anarchy just sounds cool (and i'm talking about the rebelious definition, not the other...) Anarchy just makes for a good name and........... MCCAINE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KentsOkay (author)  AnarchistAsian9 years ago
And why do you hold this belief?
i don't like him nor sarah palin... do you watch saturday night live? because they portray him pretty well... lololol and they hardly ever make fun of obama... obama is going to win, no doubt, at this point, and for good reason... I REFUSE TO ARGUE!!!!!!!!! arguing annoys me...
he won?!?!?! darnit darnit darnit darnitdarnit darnit darnit more darnit frown darnit shucks uggggggg......
KentsOkay (author)  AnarchistAsian9 years ago
So your basing your opinion from a skit TV show? Well, then I'll do the same, Mad Magazine is constantly lampooning Obama Osama?, so I'm a gona vote McCain.
KentsOkay (author)  KentsOkay9 years ago
Armaggedon9 years ago
Mccain rocks!
Damn, AnarchistAsian beat me to it.
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