Me and Han went Geocaching - Success!

Hi all, well me and han decided to buy ourselves a GPS unit for an engagement present. Mainly with the aim of tresure hunting! We had much success today, we went back upto curber edge, and found two caches. One we got a little handmade ladybird, and the other we found a stonehenge geocoin! Not bad for a first trip. Were looking forward to creating our own, and finding some more!

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ponyzpatrol8 years ago
For all newbies, check out and for any cards or brochures to hand to the cops or nosy/curious people go to click on resources and print yourself a few. Remember the golden rule. When you take something, trade up and dont keep travel coins, move them along.
Yay! New Geocachers! I'm living abroad at the moment and just a few weeks ago I found my first foreign geocache.
gmjhowe (author)  serendiffity8 years ago
Camisado8 years ago
That's nice! Err... Pardon me for asking, but what exactly is Geocaching?
Have a look here.
Doctor What8 years ago
I've gotta try that. I've heard about it slightly, and it seems fun!
Sunbanks8 years ago
My friend and I tried finding a geocache around here. We couldn't find it though, I think I should learn how to use the GPS better... It's a good thing we decided to leave when we did, because then a cop came along and it would have been sorta strange if he had seen us looking around in the bushes for something XD
gmjhowe (author)  Sunbanks8 years ago
haha! i think im going to make us some like goecache business cards, which explains about it etc. Luckly because we bought a top of the range one, it has a special geocache feature. One tip though, is that the GPS doesnt work if you just stand still, you have to keep moving!
Yeah that's the problem with geocaching is that you have to move around to make the GPS work and that isn't very easy when you're in grass up to your waist and a bunch of bushes and who knows what living in the grass...
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