Meat Free Mondays

San Francisco joins communities across the world in observing Meat-Free Mondays. 

Too bad no one told us.

Apparently back in April the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved legislation declaring the first day of the week meat-free Mondays, now known as Vegetarian Day or Veg Day.

Picture of Meat Free Mondays
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kelseymh7 years ago
Oh, and I especially like the way the animals are stamping out all the "do not" symbols :-)
Ha! That was my first thought. "Hmm... that's a little backwards."
kelseymh7 years ago
So, does the falafel place turn off their rotisserie on Mondays?  How can you have falafels without gyros?!?  That would be fish without a bicycle!  Oh, wait, that's a different San Francisco metaphor, isn't it?
Yay! I like this idea!

 I'm actually doing meatless weekdays and trying to spread the word. It's been working great! I'm hoping to post some good meatless meals once I get my motivation back. :D
zascecs7 years ago
I thought this was on Fridays...? 
.  "No meat on Fridays" is a religious practice (penance), not for health reasons.
Thats what I was thinking of... 
=SMART=7 years ago

They finally managed to make Monday even worse than it already is !

This isnt good for health ! the suicide rates will sky-rocket !
Jayefuu7 years ago
Mmmmmmmmmm falafels. My friend made coriander and lemongrass falafels, I really need to post the recipe (if he doesn't mind). They're soooooo good with chili sauce.
GoatBoy7 years ago
Maybe they just didn't want to waste the money and paper to print the fliers out.
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