Meat Ship Sets Sail

If you're planning on eating several pounds of sausage and bacon you might as well get some friends over and make a boat out of it, right? Yeah, sure.

We have an Instructable for making placemats out of bacon and bacon soap, but this is pretty epic in comparison.

This is all great if you're into bacon. Which I'm not. It's one of my least favorite things to eat and I find this to be pretty disgusting, but I hear that I'm pretty much on my own for that opinion. Most everyone else finds it delicious.


Picture of Meat Ship Sets Sail
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LinuxH4x0r10 years ago
jessyratfink10 years ago
That is so phallic and gross, hahaha! Wow.
Doctor What10 years ago
It would be better looking if it were fried, piece by piece, and then put together.
its a lion10 years ago
I am with you on the bacon. Its not that I don't mind it, I would just prefer sausage. Is that a Kraken coming out of the water? (picture 3)
Doctor What10 years ago